7 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Buy and Trade, Bitcoin and Altcoins

What is the best cryptocurrency exchange for trading Bitcoin or altcoins in 2020? In our comprehensive review, we observe only the best trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges, worth your attention.

7 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Buy and Trade, Bitcoin and Altcoins

Slowly and steadily, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are attracting the attention of more investors and traders from all over the world. These cryptocurrencies are time-proven and might play a major role as a safe haven against inflationary government policies.

This is why some people are interested in cryptocurrencies long-term, while others are purely speculating on short-term expectations.

In our detailed article, we determine the best cryptocurrency exchange. Most exchanges aim to support specific types of customers based on their location, experience, payment methods, need for anonymity, etc.

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There are many important details to keep in mind to choose the best cryptocurrency exchange. Such as ranking volume, fees comparison, trading tools, accessibility, interface and other common features. Let this article be your guide to cryptocurrency.  

No need to surf the best bitcoin exchange by reddit, they are all here. We reviewing only top trusted exchanges with the widest range of services, so you would be able to pick the best cryptocurrency exchange to meet your needs. 

7 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Trading Cryptocurrency

RankExchangeDeposit/ Withdrawal MethodsFiat AcceptedCryptocurrency SupportedHeadquarters
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Debit card, credit card, wire transfer, cryptoUSD, EUR, GBP & many moreBTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, USDT, USDC & over 200+ altcoinsValletta, Malta
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Debit card, credit card, wire transfer, cryptoUSD, EUR, GBP & many moreBTC, ETH, EOS, ADA, LTC, BNB & over 100+ trading tickersHong Kong
3Prime XBT
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BTConly through changellyBTC, EOS, LTC, ETH, XRP, EUR/USD, Brent, S&P 500,  many other forex pairs and indexesSeychelles
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BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS and USDT only through changellyBTC, ETH, XRP, EOS and USDT Singapore
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6Changellywire transfer, crypto, debit card, credit cardwire transfer, crypto, debit card, credit cardBTC, LTC, ETH, EOS, XRP, over 30 cryptocurrencies supportedHong Kong
7Paxfulwire transfer, debit and credit card, all possible payment methodsall possible payment methods in any currencyBTCNew York
  1. Binance

Binance is one of the biggest exchange by trading volume among all cryptocurrency exchanges. Binance was funded through an ICO on 21st July 2017, raising $15 million. The company registered in Malta, proven heaven for cryptocurrency-related companies. 

Changpeng “CZ” Zhao is the founder of the Binance. He is a Chinese software developer who has developed futures trading software for Bloomberg and built systems for the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Binance has grown tremendously since its ICO. This exchange supports a very wide range of assets to trade. Over 200 altcoins, obviously wallofcoins, three types of stable coins, and ofcourse Bitcoin is listed on the platform. Exchange consistently adding new trading pairs and features.

Binance was the first exchange that developed its own token BNB. Through this cryptocurrency, traders got a decent discount on trading fees. Every quarter team buys back the BNB token, and burns them, decreasing the total supply and circulation supply. Thus, increasing the value of the token. 

Simple theme on Binance trading interface

The exchange got the highest liquidity on the market. It provides all tools needed to start trading. Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange with spot, margin and derivatives trading, fitting both the investors and the traders perfectly. If you are looking at how to buy alt coins with USD – Binance is the best place to go.

Among the many benefits of the Binance is multi-lingual support, mobile-friendly apps for iOS and Android users. Through the Binance lending program, it is possible to lend you cryptocurrency and get consistent gains. Moreover, Binance supports stacking, when you get crypto just for holding it in your account!

Join Binance now and get a discount 10% on trading fees!

  1. FTX.com

FTX.com is an exchange founded by Alameda Research, a cryptocurrency quant trading company. A detailed review could be found here.

Founded in 2017, Alameda Research manages more than US$100 million in digital assets and trades over US$1 billion in thousands of products every day. The company behind FTX.com is FTX Trading LTD, incorporated in Antigua and Barbuda.

FTX.com a revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange

FTX.com is a revolutionary new cryptocurrency exchange. Exchange covers not just spot markets in BTC, LTC, ETH and others, but the main focus is on the derivatives market. FTX.com was the first exchange that made a bunch of new cool products.

Leveraged Tokens – they launched special Erc-20 Ethereum tokens, called ‘bear’ and ‘bull’, they represent a 3x short or a 3x long on an underlying cryptocurrency. During the Bull market earn profit from holding ‘bull’ tokens, and in Bear market earn sticking to ‘bear’ ones.

Presidential 2020 – choose your preferred candidate through USA presidential futures. 

Bitcoin (BTC) hashrate futures – hashrate goes up and goes down. If you are up to predict those fluctuations, go long or short on Bitcoin mining rate futures contract.

Perpetual contracts – now Bitmex got a strong competitor, who took perpetual contracts to a new level. They offer not only top cryptocurrencies as BTC and ETH, but they open up the path to smaller ones (Tezos, BNB, ETC and etc.)

Indexes – the basket of coins representing a certain index are allowed to be traded on perpetual contracts. They even have got a ‘Shitcoin Index’! This index tracks a basket low market capitalization cryptocurrencies, which are referred to as ‘shit coins’. Trading this index, you get a choice to go long or short on 50 different assets at once. 

So we covered just a part of the features by FTX.com, there is a lot more out there. This exchange is trustworthy with great performance. Since the release, FTX.com climbed to the top 10 by daily volume cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges.

  1. Prime XBT

Prime XBT is a Bitcoin-based trading platform, offering leverage trading on cryptocurrencies, currencies, indices and commodities. From the first day the company was founded in 2018, it has grown exponentially and nowadays serves clients in over 150 countries. 

Prime XBT provides top-tier liquidity with a wide range of trading tools. The security of the platform enables a safe and efficient day trading environment for everyone.

Prime XBT daily trading volume exceeds $1 billion

An account on Prime XBT can be funded with a credit card or Bitcoin. They offer a leverage trading on cryptocurrencies with leverage up to x100, and on forex pairs up to x1000. 

Prime XBT fees are the lowest ones in the cryptocurrency industry. The daily trading volume exceeds $1 billion. They got an advanced interface and supported mobile trading on iOS and Android systems.

The Covesting beta module, almost 300% in 80 days, made The Real Deal trader

The great feature of Prime XBT is the covesting module. Through Covesting, user can allocate part of their funds to a successful trader and copy his trades. He can choose a trader via a leaderboard, tracking his positive track record and strategy. Day trading Bitcoin is so easy with Covesting. Right now, Covesting is working on beta-testing mode. However, any Prime XBT user can join beta testing, and benefit from Covesting.

  1. ByBit

ByBit is among the most advanced crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto trading platforms. ByBit users enjoy one of the highest liquidity and trading volumes among cryptocurrency exchanges. Exchange daily trading volume ranked 6th among all cryptocurrency exchanges.


Bybit official website frontpage interface

ByBit was founded by Ben Zhou in March 2018. The founder previously worked as CEO of XM China District for 7 years. XM is a broker company serving clients in China. In addition to Ben Zhou, Latika Q joined the company, an experienced lady who has worked at XM technical team and experienced at such leading companies as Tencent and Morgan Stanley. The exchange is registered in the British Virgin Islands, with headquarters in Singapore and offices in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The company is officially named ByBit Fintech Limited.

Unlike most exchanges, Bybit focuses on derivative and perpetual contracts. Tools for trading bitcoin vary. The main product is perpetual futures contracts with 100:1 leverage. It is possible to trade on Bybit BTC, ETH, EOS and XRP, but leverage x100 is available only for BTC. Bybit got a negative maker fee, which means a trader can benefit by setting limit orders. He didn’t pay the fee for such orders and actually got paid by the platform.

In order to fund account, the user can send Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS or XRP directly to his personal wallet. But cryptocurrency exchange also supports fiat deposits via credit and debit cards. 

The main feature of the ByBit exchange is that no KYC required to deposit or trader on a platform. The exchange does not collect personal data from its users and considers it one of its main advantages. 

The interface of the exchange is pretty simple, and even a new to trading will get in fast. Mobile-friendly applications on iOS and Android phones make trading simple, no matter where you are.

  1. Bitmex

Bitmex is a cryptocurrency exchange with high liquidity and one of the largest market shares. Bitmex ranked second by daily trading volume among cryptocurrency exchanges, only concedes Binance. The exchange was build up by a team of economists, high-frequency traders and web developers back in 2014.

At Bitmex, all accounts (trade, deposits, profit) are kept in the Bitcoin. There is no usual BTC ticker on Bitmex. Instead, Bitcoin is assigned with XBT symbol. Exchange is famous for its perpetual contracts. Bitmex is the king among derivatives trading platforms, providing leverage up to x100. Apart from Bitcoin (XBT) contracts, the platform supports futures on Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin Ethereum and Cardano.

Bitmex trading engine is built on top tier kdb+ database and toolset

Bitmex supports trading through API keys. The exchange got a testnet, so it’s pretty simple to test your automated bot strategy before launching it on a real money account. The Bitcoin trader who mastered automated trading rules the market. Bitmex exchange got a negative maker fee, which means you get paid for making limit orders. Only Bybit got the same feature. That allows traders to build profitable bots with the aim of making profits from fees only.

There’s no KYC on Bitmex so you can trade Bitcoin anonymously. US users are not allowed to trade on Bitmex. However, VPN solves that problem for millions of users around the world.  

Whether you’re an aggressive trader aiming for big returns, or just looking to make consistent gains by going long or short, Bitmex is definitely a leading cryptocurrency exchange that is worth checking out

  1. Changelly

If you were looking for fast and anonymous crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto transfers without registering on any exchange or verifying identity, then Changelly is what you are looking for. 

The company headquartered in Malta and was founded in 2015. Changelly cryptocurrency trading platform, differs from cryptocurrency exchanges we covered above. The company was designed for fast,  efficient and discreet ways for exchanging cryptocurrency in your private wallets.

Changelly frontpage, a simple access to crypto

The service, Changelly offers a bit higher premium fee than Binance or FTX.com. But this premium is paid for simplicity and anonymity they offer user. On traditional crypto exchange, it’s impossible to fund account without completing the id verification process, KYC.

Through Changelly, you can deposit and withdraw crypto by the best possible rate. An automatic trading robot integrated into the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms, such as Binance, FTX, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Poloniex, and others.

Changelly is a great way to fund your cryptocurrency wallet or a trading account in a fast and secure way. Changelly payments integrated for fiat deposits in ByBit, Prime XBT exchanges. The company gained trust from the cryptocurrency community, making it one of the best ways to buy or sell crypto for fiat/cash.

  1. Paxful

Paxful is a peer-to-peer exchange for trading between Bitcoin and fiat currencies. Paxful is a very large Bitcoin marketplace.

The main goal of the Paxful digital currency exchange is to provide financial services to millions of people around the world. The company aims to give people opportunities to spend money where they see fit to significantly improve their daily lives.

Paxful allows people from all over the world to get into trading Bitcoins for any fiat currency through their peer-to-peer system regardless of financial regulations and local cryptocurrency laws. No banks or companies involved.

Paxful supports over 300 payment options for buying and selling Bitcoin

Paxful provides a platform for two parties, for sellers and buyers of Bitcoin. Each seller and buyer decides what price, amount of the Bitcoins and which payment method to choose.

This means that Paxful users are making personal transfers of fiat and Bitcoin while avoiding taxes and regulations they might face exchanging on a traditional exchange.

Paxful allows people from all over the world to get into trading Bitcoins for any fiat currency through their peer-to-peer system regardless of financial regulations and local cryptocurrency laws. The platform tracks reputation scores of buyers and sellers based on past transactions. The users of the platform decide who to trust. There are over 3 million users who come to Paxful to control their finances.

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