How to Buy Bitcoin Without ID Verification or How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

It's becoming more difficult to buy Bitcoin without ID, or even to buy Bitcoin anonymously. Nowadays all around the world, lawmakers gradually tight regulations on cryptocurrency trading. got you covered.

How to Buy Bitcoin Without ID Verification or How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

Nowadays all around the world, lawmakers gradually tight regulations on cryptocurrency trading. It’s becoming more difficult to buy Bitcoin without ID, or even to buy Bitcoin anonymously.

If you value your privacy or don’t have a suitable ID, don’t worry, you can buy cryptocurrency without completing a verification process (KYC).

In this article, we will find out all the simple ways to do it.

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Buy Bitcoin without ID verification on trusted crypto exchanges without verification

Nowadays Buying Bitcoin with credit card without ID verification is possible through many exchanges, but the amount of Bitcoins is usually limited. We gathered all the best ways to buy bitcoin without ID and buy Bitcoin anonymously in one place. 

Changelly is popular cryptocurrency exchange platform, one of the best in the world. This is a non-custodial exchange-which means it has no liquidity and does not require any deposits. This makes Changelly one of your safest choices when trading. Through Changelly you can buy Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies on $20,000 daily.

Binance as the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange allows you to buy Bitcoin without ID verification. Simple using you credit or debit card you got funds deposited directly into your Binance wallet. Register on Binance to buy BTC with credit card, without ID.

Prime XBT is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy crypto worth $1000 Dollar a day without needing any ID. This is the best and fastest way to buy crypto with debit or credit card. 

This is a great exchange, supporting not only cryptocurrency pairs but most of the forex pairs too. Register on Prime XBT to buy BTC with credit card, without ID.

Bybit is also non KYC exchange great for beginners to purchase Bitcoin anonymously. On Bybit you can buy up to $10 000 USD worth Bitcoins daily without and ID or verification process. No need to show identity card of any kind that is a very good and fast way to buy a big amount of BTC without verification. Register on Bybit to buy BTC with credit card, without ID.

Buy on P2P exchanges Paxful + LocalBitcoins

There are more options to buy Bitcoin without ID verification and even buy Bitcoin anonymously, through P2P marketplaces.

What is peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace?

It’s a platform allowing to buy crypto without ID, cutting out the middleman to deal directly with the seller. So P2P marketplace allows you to interact directly with other sellers/buyers who want to sell/buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. A lot of sellers don’t require any ID before you buy, so you can easily arrange a meeting in person and pay via cash to a local seller. There are online trades available as well, but most of these payment methods may be linked to your identity.

Here are the P2P marketplaces recommended by us:

  1. Paxful – account creation does not require ID verification, but if the limit of $1,500 USD trade volume or wallet activity reached, verification needed.
  1. LocalBitcoins – you are free to buy Bitcoin without ID verification up to $1,000 USD per year. But it is impossible to sell Bitcoin without ID verification.

Bitcoin ATM cash machine

Bitcoin cash machine work same way as regular ATM. But instead of getting dollar or euro, it delivers Bitcoins to your wallet for an equivalent of cash you put in. Most of Bitcoin ATMs do not require ID verification.

Before buying from an ATM, you should know that Bitcoin ATMs generally sell Bitcoins with extra charge fee of 5-10%.  This is actually a fee for the privacy that Bitcoin ATMs provide.

If your main question is how to buy bitcoin anonymously, the ATM machine is the best way to buy bitcoin anonymously.

What for you may need to buy Bitcoin without ID?

In public opinion, it is generally believed that the main reason anyone wants to buy Bitcoin anonymously is that they can pay for various forms of illegal goods and services in the hidden corners of the dark web. 

However, although this idea is absolutely reasonable-after all, anyone involved in illegal activities has good reasons to cover up their tracks-people also have many legitimate reasons why someone wants to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies without any ID.

  • If you are concerned that hackers are targeting cryptocurrency transactions and your personal information (including driver’s license/passport details) is stolen.
  • If you own a lot of cryptocurrencies and don’t want to be targeted by thieves.
  • If you don’t trust the government.
  • If you don’t have any ID (it’s estimated that one billion people in the world don’t have identity proof).

Finally, there is a simple fact that the ID verification process on some platforms can be frustratingly slow, especially when demand increases. If you want to buy cryptocurrencies as soon as possible to take advantage of the expected price change before the price changes, then purchase without authentication may be a faster option.

How difficult to buy crypto without ID?

It is widely misunderstood that cryptocurrencies are easy to buy anonymously, but this is not the case for several reasons.

Increased regulation

Strengthen supervision regulators around the world are gradually introducing regulations to manage the exchange of cryptocurrencies and the trading of cryptocurrencies. Although the United States is still an unregulated country in terms of cryptocurrencies, exchanges in the United States usually require ID verification to operate globally.

Bitcoin anonymity

Since Bitcoin users can send and receive BTC to each other without providing proof of identity, this currency is sometimes referred to as an anonymous currency. However, a more accurate way to quote Bitcoin is pseudonymous currency. A commonly repeated comparison would compare the use of bitcoin to transactions written by authors using pen names. If their true identity is discovered, then anything they write while using the pen name can be directly linked to them.

Your Bitcoin address is like the author’s pen name, and every BTC transaction you make is permanently stored in a public ledger called a blockchain. Therefore, if your bitcoin address was once associated with your identity (network security researchers say this is easy to do), all your transactions can be traced back to you.

How to increase your privacy

You can take a few steps to protect your identity when sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. 

  • Use a new address for any transaction. Using a new address for every transaction is an easy way to prevent linking individual transactions back to you as a normal owner. A layered deterministic (HD) wallet like Ledger Nano S allows you to generate a new Bitcoin address every time you receive BTC.
  • Use multiple wallets. Another option to increase anonymity when using cryptocurrency transactions is to open and maintain multiple wallets.
  • Use mixed services. The Bitcoin mixing service relies on a data anonymization method called CoinJoin, which basically confuses payments from multiple users. The purpose of this is to make it more difficult to determine who sends money to whom.
  • Hide your IP address. The IP address is the unique address of the computer and is used to show where you are connected to the Internet. To prevent it from linking to the cryptocurrency wallet address of your transaction, you can consider ways to hide the IP, such as using VPN services or encrypting and rerouting Internet traffic through services such as Tor.
  • Use dedicated privacy coins. Coins like Monero have built-in privacy features and is designed to provide anonymous transactions
  • Take simple privacy precautions. When using the cryptocurrency purchase methods listed at the top of this page, please pay attention to your footprint. For example, when paying bitcoin with cash at a local exchange, avoid giving someone your phone number.

Buying Bitcoin without ID or buying Bitcoin anonymously Pros and Cons


  • You can keep your financial information confidential. You do not need to perform the time-consuming ID verification process. It enables an estimated one billion people in the world without identification to use cryptocurrency.
  • You can keep your financial information confidential
  • You do not need to perform the time consuming ID verification process.
  • It enables an estimated one billion people in the world buy Bitcoin without identification.


  • Compared to simply buying with an ID on a conventional crypto exchange, it can often be more complicated and inconvenient.
  • You may need to pay a higher price.
  • Before asking for an ID, you can usually only buy a small amount of cryptocurrency.
  • Many cryptocurrencies are not actually anonymous, so your transaction may be linked to your identity.
  • The risk that you always want to remain anonymous will always cause suspicion and unnecessary attention.

Bitcoin Storage

We really recommend that you store bitcoins in your wallet. Many bitcoin exchanges were hacked and lost customer funds. If you don’t want to be a victim of these hacks, then the easiest way is to store the coins in a wallet you control.

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