StormGain Exchange Review 2020: Must Read Before Sign Up, Pros & Cons.

A new cryptocurrency exchange StormGain gaining popularity among traders. What Is StormGain? What are the benefits of StormGain? Is StormGain legit? Find everything about StormGain in our complete review.

The popularity of StornGain amongst the crypto enthusiasts has gone up exponentially, and it is most likely to capture the market share of well-reputed crypto exchanges such as Binance, CoinBase, and BitMEX very soon. This platform has already garnered massive traction from the mainstream media. 

StormGain was initially established in 2019. They have done a joint venture with Newcastle Limited. StormGain is amongst those well-reputed crypto exchanges that provide a guaranteed return of 10% on all your crypto assets. Besides, its competitive fees make it highly attractive for potential crypto investors. Since its inception, it has garnered substantial industry acclaim.

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The registration process at this platform is pretty much straightforward and counterintuitive. What makes it set apart from the traditional exchanges is that it doesn’t necessitate to comply with highly time-consuming and annoying KYC regulations.

What Is StormGain?

StormGain was initially launched in 2019. From now on, it has gained the customer’s traction and became reputed and reliable crypto exchange. Within a couple of years, it has managed to capture a significant market share from its competitors like BitMex, Binance, ByBit, PrimeXBT and others.

Visit StormGain and get up to 12% bonus to deposit.

StormGain is offering many features to its customers at very competitive rates. Even though this platform is still in an early stage, it has soon managed to gain substantial traction from the mainstream media like Yahoo Finance, Finance Magnates and CryptoDaily. The widespread popularity of StormGain can be credited to its plethora of highly useful and encouraging features. Consider reading our review of the best cryptocurrency exchanges to buy and trade Bitcoin and altcoins.

This platform is easily accessible in almost all countries across the globe. Still, unfortunately, some countries are beyond the jurisdiction of it such as the US, Canada, Japan, Syria, Vanuatu, Yaman, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, North Korea, Uganda, and Iran.

Before using StormGain, it is imperative to know if it is available in your geographic zone. To do so, you can simply attempt a signup process. You don’t need to be tech-savvy in order to sign up for this exchange as this process is very counterintuitive.

What Features Are Offered by StormGain?

Contrary to other crypto exchanges and trading platforms, StormGain is easy to use not only for experienced traders but also for the newbies. Besides, the platform provides extensive training via the wide range of education resources to help you with sign up process, investing, trading, stacking and transferring crypto.

StormGain pros.

To aid in risk mitigation, StormGain comes with an in-built risk management feature including ‘stop-loss’ and ‘take-profit’. This feature is highly useful for risk optimisation.

StormGain best suits those who are willing to invest and trade in cryptocurrencies. As a general rule of thumb, crypto investors work on a very high margin whereas crypto traders operate on a low margin. In crypto trading, a trader utilizes the best available analytical tools to predict market sentiments. But as a matter of fact, crypto investors take more risk than the traders, and thereby their profitability is quite higher.

Besides, crypto investors can use their holding as a value-generating asset by lending it to others and earn markup. StormGain is geared towards facilitating those who don’t have adequate skills or time to trade. Besides, this exchange allows you to earn hefty returns on all the major crypto assets like BTC, ETH, BCH, USDT, Ripple, and XRP. On the flip side, StormGain incentivizes crypto savings by paying the specific rates as a market. The crypto funds that are safe with the StormGain account are not vulnerable to market volatility.

StormGain main advantages are:

  • Fast sign up and registration
  • No need to make KYC to trade crypto
  • User-friendly interface and advanced trading platform 
  • Leverage up to 200x
  • Affiliate program
  • Trading signals
  • Fast purchase crypto with a credit card
  • 2FA security
  • Demo account available
  • Handy mobile trading app for Android and IOS

Moreover, StormGain offers cryptocurrency mining right from a trading account.

Mine your first crypto in just 4 hours.

Registration on StormGain

Opening a StormGain account is very simple and only takes a few seconds to complete. In order to open an account on StormGain all needed is email and password. To successfully create your trading account, you need to enter your details into the registration form and create a strong password that must contain upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.

TradeCryptoPro have multiple unique bonuses such as 12% bonus to your first deposit and free $25 USDT deposit bonus for new accounts, to get started follow these steps:

  1. Choose an offer 12% Deposit Bonus or free $25 USDT welcome bonus.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Enter phone number.
  4. Choose a password.
  5. Accept the terms and confirm that you are not from a restricted geo.
  6. Press create account.
  7. Confirm email
  8. Enjoy bonus and trading

Registration form.

Is KYC required?

No need to perform a KYC (Know Your Customer) on StormGain to trade and deposit Bitcoin or altcoins. Identity verification only needed if you are considering buying cryptocurrencies with a debit / credit card.

What can you trade on StormGain?

The amount of cryptocurrencies supported by exchange is pretty big. Traders have the opportunity to trade not just big caps as BTC and ETH, but their low cap brothers too. Every altcoin has a BTC and USDT pair, which increases variety and possibilities to profit from price fluctuations. Below is the list of the supported by StormGain cryptos:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • XRP (XRP)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BTC)
  • Nem (XEM)
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC)
  • OmiseGO (OMG)
  • NEO (NEO)
  • EOS (EOS)
  • Tron (TRX)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Zcash (ZEC)
  • Stellar Lumens (XLM)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Trading cryptocurrency on a StormGain

Trading on a StormGain is pretty easy and simple. An unique well customized user interface is the first thing you will notice. When first trading on a StormGain you notice that there are all the trading features needed represented on the platform, such as real-time price charts, cryptocurrency pairs, leverage multiplier, wallet balance and opened positions. 

StormGain trading interface.

In the Full Screen mode there’s a complete charting window powered by a trading view. There you can chart and asset, add indicators, spot patterns and draw trend lines. It’s possible to save indicator setup and apply it to other assets you would like to chart. Everything works technically smooth, with an intuitive and responsive design. Any storm is good for your trading, as volatility is what traders dream for.

Fullscreen trading interface.

By clicking the ‘Open Trade’ button, the order window will pop up. There you can set an order size, choose long/short position and apply leverage. So in easy and responsive way just fill up the following order details to execute a trade:

  • Choose order type (market or limit)
  • Position size
  • Apply leverage (up to 200x)
  • Set take profit and stop loss  

Mobile Trading with StormGain

StormGain mobile app is available for both the Android and IOS platforms and can be easily downloaded from the Google play store and an Apple App Store. The mobile app is specifically designed for those users who want portability without compromising quality. Furthermore, a mobile account allows novice crypto traders to improve their trading skill via demo account.

Mobile user friendly app for IOS and Android.

StormGain Online Wallet

StormGain provides every user with their own multi-currency built in cryptocurrency wallet. Built in wallet includes up to 6 most popular cryptocurrencies, such as: 

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Tether

StormGain wallet available on website and mobile apps. The security measures include 2 factor authentication and encryption, so you can store funds in the wallet safely.

StormGain Fees

StormGain Trading Fees

Trading fees are the crucial factor to choose a cryptocurrency exchange. So what are the commissions taken by StormGain? Every time an order is placed, the exchange charges a trading fee. All exchanges’ fee structure is divided between takers and makers. The one who buys or sells an existing order from an order book is a taker. Maker is the one who adds an order to the order book, thereby providing liquidity for the platform.

StormGain charges a flat fee, that means both the maker and taker are paying the same fee of  0.15% – 0.25% depends on a crypto pair. Overall such fee is a bit higher than average above cryptocurrency exchanges.  Visit our best cryptocurrency exchanges to buy BTC and altcoins review, for better comparison.

StormGain Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

The StormGain didn’t charge any fees for deposits cryptocurrencies on a platform. However, StormGain exchange charges a fixed flat withdrawal fee of 0.1%. Based on cryptocurrencies the fee may vary a bit. It’s rare to see such fee structure as usually exchanges charge a fixed amount for transfer, so it’s quite interesting to see the StormGains’ solution.

Does StormGain Have a Demo Account?

One of the biggest benefits of StormGain is that it allows to open a demo account with a balance of $50,000. That’s very comfortable to test all the functions of an exchange. Both of the accounts, demo and normal can be accessed easily from one regular account.

Learning Tools

StormGain equipped all its users with ample training and education via blogs, webinars, training guides, structured courses, and vlogs. Most of these educational resources are freely available before registration. Users can check their understanding with the aid of a test at the end of each lesson. 

A newbie can emerge themselves in StormGain trading via a dedicated account manager. People can mitigate the risk of losing money by practising the concepts they’ve learned with the aid of a demo account. Besides, StormGain also provides news feed regarding the recent developments in the crypto landscape; therefore, crypto investors can smartly diversify their investment portfolio.

Customer Support

Customer support is an important factor when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange to trade on. StormGain offers 24/7 live chat with operators ready to help with any issues you have. Moreover, StormGain has a wide knowledge base with useful guides and solutions for common problems. Friendly categorised navigation makes it easy to find an answer for your question.

StormGain Bonus Offers

StormGain offers attractive bonuses for registration and deposit. From time to time bonus offers changes and the platform makes new ones. Overall there are 3 main bonus offers on StormGain crypto exchange  you can use right now, here they are:

  1. Earn +12% interest on you deposits for holding crypto over 30 days on account 
  1. Get $25 bonus for first deposit and registration on the platform

Countries and Languages Covered by StormGain

StormGain was initially established in London, England in 2019. Soon after its inception, it has managed to gain significant traction both globally and locally. Despite the popularity of this exchange persists, some regions have still imposed restrictions on it such as the US, Japan, Canada, Vanuatu, Afghanistan, Syria, Uganda, Turkey, Ethiopia, Iran, Yemen, and Tobago. Some of these countries mentioned above have enacted laws to discourage crypto trading. Whereas some of these countries have severe legacy lapses in their financial system, that’s why they abstain from these exchanges.

Before opening your trading account in StormGain, it is strongly recommended to chat with their customer support representative. Even though this platform doesn’t lie under the jurisdiction of any regulatory body, it has merged with some of the well-reputed financial institutions that make it highly creditworthy. Its coalition with Newcastle is reminiscent of this fact. 

To bypass the language barrier, StormGain translates its content in 10 different languages, predominantly English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, and Russian. Besides, StormGain has acquired a member of the most prominent Blockchain association FinaCom whose members are the companies who offer cryptocurrency transactions.

Is StormGain Safe to Trade?

Wise to take steps to assess the safety and legitimacy of crypto margin exchange, to ensure that funds will be secure. Despite that StormGain isn’t compliant with any global financial regulatory authority, it is highly transparent,active and accessible all over the world. 

Their strategic partner is one of the dominant financial institutions Newcastle United Football Club. Due to such partnerships and overall work made by company it’s Safe to say that StormGain is a safe cryptocurrency exchange to trade on.

StormGain Review: Conclusion

Summing Up, StormGain offers a great experience for all kinds of traders, from a newbie to advanced ones. The features supported by exchange give everything needed to start trading. Built-in tools and high leverage fits any applied trading strategy.  

However, we didn’t suggest blindly using 200x leverage, as it is both edge cutting blade, leading for big returns and for big losses too. Don’t forget to trade wisely and secure your funds.  Share with us your trading experience on StormGain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I deposit credit?

Register on the platform and go to deposit tab, choose credit/debit card deposit.

Does StormGain have a demo account?

StormGain has a demo account, a great feature for new users to become familiar with the trading engine before depositing funds.

What are the fees at StormGain?

StormGain charges a flat fee, that means both the maker and taker are paying the same fee of  0.15% – 0.25% depends on a crypto pair.

What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum allowed deposit equals 50 USDT any crypto, the maximum deposit not limited.

Is StormGain legit?

StormGain is a member of the Blockchain Association regulated by the Financial Commission. StormGain is legit and trustworthy.

How do you use StormGain?

To use StormGain all needed is just opening an account. We suggest using one of the bonuses, for example $25 welcome bonus for first deposit.

What are the costs to deposit and withdraw?

There are no costs to deposit, withdrawal is 0.1% of the amount.

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