Xcoins.com Exchange Review: Is Xcoins legit?

By this Xcoins exchange review, we pass all pros and cons of the cryptocurrency exchange. What are the key features and advantages of Xcoins? Is Xcoinss legit?

Xcoins.com Exchange Review: Is Xcoins legit?

Xcoins.com and Xcoins.io are often misused interchangeably, but in reality, they are totally different. In this short and brief review article on Xcoins.com. We’ll walk you through the history, background, usability, available deposits, and deposit methods of Xcoins.com. We sincerely hope this article will enlighten your mind, and you’ll gain some valuable insight.

Xcoins.com is the leading trading platform for crypto traders to purchase different crypto assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Litecoin using their bank accounts. Users from all over the world can reap the benefits of Xcoins. The fascinating feature about it is that it imposes a very reasonable transaction processing charges on its users and provides an immediate delivery. These two features make it best suit for acquiring digital assets in a highly legitimate and secure way. However to get a complete overview about cryptocurrency exchanges we recommend visiting our top 7 bitcoin and altcoins exchange review.

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Xcoins Features

It was initially established in 2018 and is one of the leading platforms that allows its users to buy Bitcoin conveniently using a Visa or a Mastercard as a payment option. In order to proceed with a transaction, you first need to create an account and verify your identity to proceed further. You’ll be delighted to know the registration process is very straightforward.

As of now, Xcoins.com has become an essential component of the crypto ecosystem and has already helped more than 250,000 customers from more than 167 countries to buy and sell crypto coins.


  • Lower than expected exchange rates
  • Well-suited for newbie crypto-traders
  • Non-custodial platform
  • Outstanding  custom support
  • Instant verification of your trading account


  • Only a few cryptocurrencies are available at this market
  • Only a few payment options available
  • Privacy concerns
  • Unavailability of advanced trading options

Buying and Selling 5 Major Cryptocurrencies with USD and EUR

Xcoins provides exchange rate service to its thousands of customers across the globe. Thereby, its customers can buy and sell five major crypto coins, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple, XRP, and Litecoin.

Best Exchange Rates

Using the Xcoins platform, you can exchange your cryptocurrency at the best available exchange rate via your debit card or credit card as a medium of payment. Besides, its payment service provider imposes an additional 5% transaction processing fee.

Instant Delivery

Xcoins guarantees instant delivery of your order. If they fail to achieve this goal, they are contractually obliged to allow you to make the next purchase free of cost.

Instant Verification

You won’t be able to purchase crypto coins via Xcoins unless your account isn’t approved. Luckily, their verification process is pretty much straightforward and does not take more than a few minutes to complete.

Customer Support

Xcoins has captured a very adorable reputation in the market in terms of customer support. You can ask your query to their customer care representative any time via a telephonic conversation or an email. Simply speaking, Xcoins is an extraordinary crypto trading service provider for those interested in acquiring crypto coins in a well-regulated and secure manner.

What fascinates us about this is that it provides the best exchange rate amongst all the exchanges, and its non-custodial nature encourages you to solely rely on your private keys. Therefore, you no longer need to rely on others for the security of your coins.

Xcoins Background

Xcoins was initially established in 2016. At its beginning, it was governed by its parent company CF Technologies Ltd. The goal behind the creation of this platform is to simplify the process of purchasing bitcoin up to the extent that even non-tech savvy people can do it.

This exchange is situated in Malta and complies with all European legislation, including anti-money laundering and know your customer (KMC) regulations and as well as European Union Data Protection (GDPR) Policy. This platform is pursuing its efforts to make the process of buying and selling crypto coins simpler than ever before. To get this job done, they are continuously incorporating new features into their platform.

Xcoins Supported Countries

Peoples can buy Bitcoin via Xcoins from anywhere in the world as it is accessible in 167 countries. You can avail of their services from a country wherein there are legal restrictions on Bitcoin such as the United States, Canada, France, UK, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and many more.

Sadly speaking, countries like China, Iran, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Syria are beyond the jurisdiction of Xcoins.

Account Registration and Verification

All Xcoins users need to verify themselves before using their services. The registration process is relatively straightforward and counterintuitive and comprises of the following steps:

  • Mobile phone and email verification that won’t take more than 2 minutes
  • Identity verification, including your driving license, passport, national ID, and Selfie.

 Xcoins Security Precautions

Technically, Xcoins does not provide a digital wallet service that makes it less prone to nefarious activities. Thereby chances of losing your crypto funds are very scarce. Thus, we can say Xcoins is a safe crypto exchange. Besides, the platform doesn’t go through any data breach attempt in the near future.


As Xcoins doesn’t provide you a digital wallet service, you need to arrange it by yourself and take care of your private keys. If you don’t have any crypto wallet as of now, we strongly recommend you to buy ledger or Trezor. On the flip side, you can also harness the benefit of software or a web wallet to gain access to your preferred cryptocurrency.  As it remains meticulously adhered to KYC and AML measures that pose a serious threat for privacy. Xcoins keeps the complete track record of all your transactions, and you’ll engulf in difficulty if your transaction history becomes public to nefarious actors. 

From the user standpoint, Xcoins allows you to secure your account along with the two-factor authentication. Even though your Xcoins trading account doesn’t keep your holding, but it keeps the complete track record of all your transactions and sensitive data, so it is strongly recommended to remain to adhere to the safety precautions using both unique and secure password.

Xcoins Mobile App

Though the Xcoins is only accessible via a website, its website is cross-platform compatible; therefore, you can access it both from the desktop and mobile platforms.

Here is the smartphone version of Xcoins:


Deposit and Withdrawal Method

What makes Xcoins set apart from other exchanges is that you can buy crypto coins via Xcoins by using only Visa, Mastercard.  As it deposits Bitcoins directly to your crypto wallet, therefore, you don’t need to make deposits or withdrawals into their exchange account. 



Xcoins could be the preferred option for those who want to buy crypto coins conveniently and securely. Keeping in mind its highest exchange rate and very minimal transaction processing fees, it is quite evident that Xcoins is the best fiat gateway both for the newbies and experienced traders.

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